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Little Bear Interiors is located

¼ mile south of the light at 4 corners on Hwy 191.

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Give us a call now at (406) 585-2927 or come visit today and allow our professional staff to help you create the space of your dreams!

Little Bear is the premier furniture store in Bozeman, servicing Belgrade, Big Sky, Helena, Livingston, and all of Montana. If you are looking to decorate your home in true Montana style, than look no further. Our Bozeman furniture store offers a variety of decor that will fit anyone’s needs for the home and office. Let our design specialist help you create a space that looks great, maintains a unique Montana sensibility, and leaves a lasting impression. Don’t settle for the mediocre, run-of-the-mill interiors that don’t leave a mark or make a lasting impression. Our very passionate staff will provide you the best possible Bozeman MT furniture experience! Little Bear Interior has you covered from floor to the ceiling, and everything in between.

We have been owned and operated out of the Gallatin valley since 2004. Little Bear Interior is dedicated to sourcing materials and items locally that you simply can’t find anywhere else, that is why we provide the absolute best furniture Bozeman has to offer. We feature custom made furniture from over 40 local craftsman. If you can’t find the right piece in our store our design staff would love to work with you and the craftsman to create the right piece for your space. We can easily accommodate for most colors, sizes and shapes!

Our floor is constantly changing with items being sold, and new merchandise coming in from local artisans. We have six employees on staff with an immense amount of experience in business and interior design. You won’t find a better group of people to work with on small project like revamping a dinning room, or larger project like outfitting an entire home or office.

Our staff works hard to provide a unique interior for your home or office. Every detail is taken into consideration to provide you with the best possible experience when it comes to decorating your dream home. Here is why we are set apart from all furniture stores in Bozeman MT and the Gallatin Valley:

We provide unique art that reflects the area for your home and office that you will not find at any other Bozeman furniture store including: Antler chandeliers, floral stems and garlands, pillows, rugs, rustic cabinets, ready made art by Marilyn Mason and other local artists, unique signs that give you the feel of the west, and lamps and lamp shades. Anything you need that is elegant, traditional, or contemporary.

When you are ready for your head to hit the pillow, we will be there with any of your essential sleeping needs. On average we sleep for one third of our lives, so don’t cheat yourself! Sleep is essential for healing, and staying active in the Montana outdoors. We have a distinctive selection of bed spreads, duvets, full bed sets, pendleton blankets (for those chilly Montana nights), pillows and sheets. Don’t rest like everyone else, relax in true Montana Style and comfort.

Our selection of Bozeman furniture will give your home and office a unique Montana feel. We stock anything to suit your needs and keep you comfortable; reflecting the awe inspiring beauty and elegance that is Montana. Come check out our selection of furniture providing accents, bedroom decor, chairs, ottomans, dinning room sets, sofas and love seats. If it keeps you cozy and in style, we have it.

We stock unique hardware that embodies everything Montana. If you are looking for something that reminds you of that giant rainbow trout you caught on the Madison river, we have you covered. When you want to feel the raw power of a bear beneath your fingers, we have a knob for that. Other knobs and wall hooks include rustic horses, pinecone, cowboy boots etc. Don’t just open a drawer, feel something special and make it unique to you!

Entertaining guests is one of the most rewarding and important experiences in any home. The kitchen is often the center space for entertaining, or late night wine and cheese en-devours! Our staff at Little Bear Interiors understands the stress of trying to impress and that is why we provide the best when it comes to Montana made cutting boards, pot holders, Montana and Yellowstone dish towels, napkin rings, napkin holders, and place mats. If you need something to help you entertain in the kitchen, we have it.

We keep a full stock of essentials for your bathroom as well. Just ask our staff to help you with bathroom hardware and sets. If you are looking for rustic iron toilet tissue holders, we stock a wide variety including iron arrow and horseshoe tissue holders. Little Bear Interior can also cater to your bathroom essentials. We have a great selection of towel holders and bars, and bathroom sets that provide a neat and clean look to any home or office.

Little Bear Interior will keep your place lit up in a warm glow all year round with our great selection of lighting. Preparing to take your space out of the dark and into the light at Little Bear Interior we present you with our wonderful variety of chandeliers large or small, rustic or contemporary. Need to keep that reading nook lit? We have floor lamps in any flavor or taste imaginable. We have the best selection of sconces and wall mounted lights in the Gallatin valley. We provide everything from elegant to rustic when it comes to table lamps. Keeping a place well lit and homey is important, just ask our staff to assist you in staying on the light side!

It is always a good idea to keep your place comfortable and in good style from the ground up, that is why we carry a unique selection of rugs with Montana class and style. Little Bear Interior can help you furnish your floors with rugs like American Dakota, Classic Collection, Dreamcatcher Collection, Landy Collection, Pendleton Collection, and sheepskin rugs. Hand woven and natural or reclaimed material are always an option, so let us put the rug back under your feet!

When it’s time to entertain or just enjoy a meal with the family make sure it’s not just the ordinary plates, forks and knives that adorn your dinning room table. Look no further, we can also accommodate to your dining area too! Offering candle holders, containers, finials, trays, bowls, sculptures, bookends, and vases. As you set the table, Little Bear Interior will have everything a distinct Montana dining experience should have to keep company or family entertained and happy.

Don’t leave those walls empty and cold, ask our staff at Little Bear Interiors to help you decide from our selection of clocks, mirrors, and coat racks. Sometimes it is hard to keep track of time when you are distracted by the awe and wonder of the great Montana outdoors. Keeping time never felt so easy with our unique clocks made from gears, old license plates, or rustic wooden planks. If that is not your thing we provide a more modern selection of time keeping devices. Our diverse mirror collection will reflect any style imaginable, from contemporary, to rustic. After a long day when all is said and done and no one cares what time it is or what they look like, hang your coat on one of our horse or trout wall racks. Give us a call now at: (406) 585-2927